Spirit of Place.

On July 6th the Gallery will welcome Printmakers Inc. A group of printmakers who are based in London but with a slender contact to Wales via Theresa Pateman and Avril Macdonald. These two ladies plus a group of some twelve others will exhibit until the 11th Aug. The work is varied and very little is coastal or landscape which continues the determination of the Late November Gallery not to get pulled into the Archival style of Welsh Gallery...(land and seascape). The work has yet to be delivered but if you contact the gallery a leaflet containing thumbnail examples of the printmakers work is already available.

This exhibition will be opened on the Friday evening by Ross Loveday...a printmaker and artist based in S.E.England and exhibits with Eames, a superb Gallery specialising in printmaking based near London Bridge. It must be mentioned that Ross also shows at the Late November Gallery and has been associated with these premises and Pembrokeshire for over twenty years. 

It will be wonderful to hear him speak and for anyone who wishes to join in a question and answer session with him and perhaps the other artists in attendance.

A nice evening on the way...

Looking Beyond

The first two months of 2018 have flown by and now right at the end of winter we get copious amounts of snow and even ice days...still...the first exhibition of the year has been planned for some time and hopefully by the 23rd March we will get some warmth from the sun and a spring like day.

Looking Beyond is a superb title, so named because the Late November Gallery has never looked sideways but had a very pro active approach to embracing new, interesting Artists, not all household names but these emerging artists have a great platform in an interesting space to make a mark.

The evening as mentioned is Friday 23rd March between 6 and 8pm.

Apart from some  wonderful, established names such as John Piper, Ceri Richards, Marion Macphee,  Gwilym Prichard, Claudia Williams and Alison Lambert the names of Sarah Hopkins, Philip Vaughan, Annabel Faraday, Ellie Burton, Dorothy Hanna, Barbara Sinden Lewis and Janie Harrison may not be quite so well known to people living locally but each has their own identity, highly regarded in their area of work and place, so together this exhibition will once again show that the Gallery looks beyond the local vicinity for both its audience and artist.

Please call and enjoy visiting an immaculately prepared Gallery for what will no doubt be another great innovative show.

Jingle and Mingle....6 - 8pm Friday 17th

You may have heard of the rumble in the jungle, the boxing match between Mohammed Ali and George Foreman in 1974  but that event  is now superseded by jingle and mingle...a Christmas party/exhibition at the Gallery this Friday evening, lots of new work on show and as ever, a lovely atmosphere with plenty of wine and refreshments laid on. Please feel free to come along and enjoy an evening in a Gallery which is very laid back.

Manchester Art Fair. 27-29th Oct.

A big weekend for the Gallery, planned for several months and an opportunity to stand beside good, well established Galleries.

Definitely not overawed as the Artists being represented all have UK representation and are well regarded in the world of art.

If, on reading this you would like to visit the Art Fair or have friends who live near, please let them know and as ever their visit would be welcome.

There is a preview on Friday evening and open to everyone on Saturday and Sunday through the day.

Perhaps see you there.

Come and wish Theo well on Friday evening

In 1916 Sir Earnest Shacklton set sail from Elephant Island in a whaling boat some 20ft long on a 800 mile voyage across one of the roughest oceans in the world in an attempt to reach South Georgia and thus save his Antarctic  exploration party by informing the people working in the whaling stations on South Georgia where they were and thus being able to save his men.

101 years later Theo Crutchley Mack will visit South Georgia as an artist in residence and will no doubt be inspired by the relics of those same  whaling stations long since closed. 

This young man will no doubt acheive a high status in his life as an artist and perhaps now is a great time to get a Theo in your art collection.

The private viewing is on Friday evening between 6 and 8pm.

Friday October 13th

Two years ago Theo Crutchley Mack had a very successful show in the Gallery, well, he's back with all the potential to become a major name. some 18 months ago a friend of the Gallery who had worked on South Georgia and the Falklands mentioned that with all the rusting remains of boats on those shores, Theo would be in his element there, well it's happened and Theo will leave at the beginning of December for a couple of months On South Georgia.

if you have seen and liked Theo's work before, you will not be disappointed with this new exhibition, his progress continues to impress and with the work already in the Gallery and at least one reserved please feel free to call and perhaps get to select one you would really like.

Showing with Theo will be an interesting time line exhibition of Neil Cannings work, from his Sklighters book illustrations from his early days at Chipping Norton through to his many years of print making  at Advanced Graphics in London.

A further update to follow on this show.

Getting ready for Friday

It's 8pm on Wednesday night and though most pictures are up there is still an enormous amount of work to be done before Friday evening. Each show takes at least 80 man hours from beginning to hang the work to welcoming guests. That figure does not include all the time spent preparing invitations, let alone visits to artists studios to either select or collect work.

On Friday afternoon, after all the drinks have been laid out, the floors and windows will be cleaned... Just in time for the arrival of any early birds.

september 8th. Ones own script in Pictures..

Well, time flies when you are busy, not many days after the end of the Barry John all work is in situ for the next exhibition.

This is a show of 5 respected female artists, Jane Corsellis, Sarah Hopkins, Jane Duff, Diane Horne and Anne Kerr. The exhibition is called, Ones own script in pictures.

Jane Corsellis is known to many, definitely a UK artist of note, her work is stunning, from large oils on canvas to small works on papers not forgetting her small oils on panels painted on both the Thames near Chiswick where she lives and the seaside at Newport Pembs where she divides her time between urban and rural existence.

Sarah Hopkins has for over 30 years been trying to create negative appearing industrial and urban wastelands into striking images of everyday beauty.

She screen prints layers of vibrant colours to build her images and her success has brought her commisions with John Lewis  and apart from the National Library of Wales also has work in the Parliamentary collection amongst  many others. 

Jane Duff is another interesting Artist, born in North Wales and a painter of the coastline there, this is only half the story, Jane was involved in the painting of industrial scenes at the demolition of Didcot Power Station and also at the huge development taking place at Battersea Power station where, in the not too distant future, her work will be shown in the area on giant billboards.

Diane Horne is a ceramicist with a print making past, looking at her work this quickly become evident. her work is very tactile, this, with her printmaking past  has successfully created "a sense of place" and her relationship with the landscape into which she was born.

Diane is based in Cardiff and exhibits widely in Wales and in 2015 was awarded the Best New Design Maker at SIT Select.

Anne Kerr, is of Scottish heritage but has lived on the edge of Wales since her youth, her work for this exhibition has moved on from emotionally painted landscape to an extremely interesting type of relief work on paper and board. This will be the first time this new work has been exhibited and while this past finalist in the Welsh Artist of the year competition achieved  success painting, the urge to develop her work in this way should raise her profile greatly as  an artist of considerable ability.

This wonderful exhibition will be opened by David Tress, a man who is highly regarded on both the UK art scene and as a regular exhibitor at Messums Gallery in Bond Street, London. 

An interesting evening this Friday between 6and 8 pm, please come and enjoy..

A wonderful evening.

Lots of people came along on a fine summer's evening, the exhibition was opened by John Russell Taylor who until retirement was the Sunday Times arts correspondent. He spoke about his life in film and art and was very complimentary to Barry John whose work looked superb in the Gallery.

Whats on  next will be very interesting too. Jane Corsellis a well known  U.K. Artist alongside  Jane Duff a lady from North Wales  but mainly based in Oxfordshire will take centre stage with ceramics by Diane Horne, the evening will begin with a talk by David Tress, a very successful British Artist who presently shows with Messums in Bond street, 

This will take place on September 8th , just a week or two after a  slight diversion for the gallery...a beginner's course in printmaking on Aug 28th. More details to follow.. though it  is already over subscribed. 

Wonderful work to see, Friday Aug 4th

As long as you don't have preconceived ideas on art, this latest exhibition will open your eyes to very expressive Graffiti art. Barry John is an artist who has travelled widely and witnessed much. All these events are put onto one canvas after another, there are many of them ..The work is intense and fascinating, a must see, if you would like to have a glass of juice or wine when looking at this work there is a private view on Friday August 4th between 6 and 8pm..... as ever you are most welcome to see work that most galleries would be very wary of showing...never a problem at the Late November ...

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