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Funding Chagall, Dali and Matisse

When the possibility of acquiring these prints became available it was obvious funding would be required. 
With the Bank that likes to say yes just around the corner and it's vaults even closer the decision where to go was simple and made in moments.
While worries about rising interest rates were of little concern the banks opening or rather closed hours were carefully noted.
Somewhere between 5pm on a Friday and 8am on a Monday should be plenty of time to secure the funding required for these wonderful prints. 
In due course visitors to the Gallery will be able to see if this rather unique method of funding was successful. 

Another success in the last week has been the acquisition of 9 prints by such people as Basil Beattie and Anthony Frost, rather than framing these individually for showing they have been presented in a large collage so that the prints can be sold flat or framed suitably...


Creating an identity

When, in the late 80s Neil Canning called here for framing it was obvious he had a future. His success had already begun with the Skylighters book he illustrated for Graeme Garden. 

Over  the years success has met with success and apart from being awarded the bronze medal in the Paris Salon (1994) and commissioned by John Lewis to supply pictures within their Cardiff Store and but for the recession would have done the same at Stratford, the site of the Olympic Games he was also awarded the ING prize at the Discerning Eye in 2011.

When the Late November Gallery opened, a conscious effort was made that although the gallery has to be sales driven there must be a different approach to the standard format of selling in order to create its own identity. 

In the coming months a selection of Cannings work will be on show and visitors to the gallery will be able to see his early work from 1987 showing his development  from Skylighters illustration right through to his latest 2013 work as an established Printmaker..

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