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Thanking everyone.

On Thursday, December 3rd, between  6 and 8pm the Gallery is holding a reception which will include a free raffle...wonderful prizes from a signed and framed John Knapp Fisher print, a David Tress book through to bundles of art cards with the sincere hope that everyone can leave  with a gift.

The heating will be on, the wine ready to pour and all the snacks waiting, so please come along and just incase you are interested, there will be a beautiful large John Knapp Fisher water colour available plus a number of new artists showing work at the gallery for the first time to give a taster of what's happening in 2016.. 

Christmas show went well.

The very heavy rain at 9am realised that there was going to be trouble if it didn't stop by 10.30 it did. The sun came out and so a very busy day began, many people called and by 2pm mince pie reinforcements were sent for. 

It was a very good day for sales and the confidence in showing work that is not of the local view variety continues to grow. 

A general feeling by mid afternoon that the initial plan to not follow the path of being another local art gallery is beginning to pay off and it is also good to be able, after nearly two years, to feel that people who regularly call, have not seen it all before. 

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