Blog posts of '2015' 'June'

Luke Piper

A trip to visit a Luke Piper exhibition held in a barn to die for sounded setting off in a car that seemed even more eager to arrive than it's occupants, the venue was reached well ahead of schedule..

A tithe barn near Shepton Mallet with it's new roof and it's timbers made from green oak could not have been more suitable for the paintings of various points on the St Michaels Ley of the most famous in the world and on May 8th each year the sun is aligned to this ancient path that cuts across Southern England..

The exhibition was faultless from the layout of the pictures to the pleasantness of people there and after many canapés and a chat with Luke Piper who spends time in Pembrokeshire and will call at the  Gallery next time in Wales, the return journey began....definitely a worthwhile trip and fingers crossed that a new Artist may soon appear...

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