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Maurice sleeping?

Of course not, this was a snapshot of a lovely talk about Ronald Lowe, a very successful day and a wonderful turnout of people. Thank you to everybody who arranged this superb retrospective show, and especially Julie, wife of the late Ronald Lowe. 

Visual Elements

As work begins to arrive for this show, this is a short note to say that the work is both interesting and varied, ...Ronald Lowe who has sadly passed away will be fondly remembered by many as the art teacher of Haverfordwest Grammar school but on leaving that post he had an illustrious career as a painter, many works will be on show and a talk will be given about his life by Maurice Sheppard, also a product of that school and now a very well known name in the U.K. Art world. 

Chris Prout, a painter originating from Swansea but now living in the midlands makes his debut at the Late November Gallery and his work has been highly regarded whilst waiting patiently upstairs for the 29th Aug. 

The third artist involved in this exhibition will be Grant Sonnex, not a painter but a furniture maker, he like both Chris  and Ron is very highly regarded in his field of work and as a first step away from pictures and ceramic based exhibits the Gallery is delighted he has chosen to display his work at the Late November. 

Touching base

On Wednesday morning  a surprise visitor appeared , none other than James Mackeown and his wife Marie . They were in the U.K. for a few days and called at the gallery to see the summer show and to say that more work will soon be on it's way once he returns to France. 

With the Farrow and Ball package recently arrived and sitting restlessly on the store room floor it is now only a matter of time before it's contents change the look and feel of the downstairs gallery space..

Nice days, nice people.

As summer progresses and the days towards the next planned exhibition get nearer, it is perhaps a good time to mention that a few subtle changes are taking place in the gallery, a new wall has appeared and it's not going to be white for long, at the moment it holds a beautiful Canning mono print and some of the other London suite printmakers such as Anthony Frost and Clyde Hopkins....around the corner, that wall is also white (but don't hold your breath) there is a large Basil Beattie print of underground tunnels...very different and interesting.

Apart from these prints, there is a continually changing mix of Artists work and one that will catch the eye are two portraits by Jill Cope, only delivered on Saturday so please keep calling as most weeks see several new pieces of work on display to keep replacing sold items.

After mid August two new artists will begin to show at the Gallery, so, as Autumn approaches and lights begin to appear again, the Late November Gallery will continue to introduce new work and new Artists  on ever changing walls....(thank you Farrow and Ball)...

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