Blog posts of '2015' 'September'

Friday night

An overwhelming success, plenty of people, several sales and a lot of wine consumed. 

This was the first friday night preview and any afternoon nerves were quickly dispelled as several people called before 6pm and many stayed until nearly 9pm.

Saturday morning, and James Campbell , the ceramicist, called  with some beautiful new work, many people enquire about his larger work....well, its arrived. James stayed for coffee and talked about his recent show in France and his forthcoming one at the Restless Gallery in Haye on Wye. 

A good few days but no rusting as a Christmas show is not too far away.

Nice visitors and a visit

As preparations get underway for Fridays opening of Theo Crutchley-Mack and Ross Loveday,  it must not be overlooked to mention that Ross called at the gallery a week or two ago as he was in the area, it was good to see him and once again he was very complimentary about the progress of the gallery. A very pleasant time spent in his company and  last week another person who called and spoke well of the gallery was John Russell Taylor, art critic of the Times newspaper. With a promise to get the tea of his choice he gave a firm assurance that he'd call again soon.

On Sunday 20th Sept. A trip to the Bristol Art Fair was arranged and as with the visit to Luke Piper the journey was swift and an interesting day was had. Walking around and seeing other galleries gave a confident signal that this would be a healthy step for the future of the gallery.

Remember Theo...

Well, he's back. This time in abundance, no time for rusting Theo, and on the 25th September at 6pm you will be able to see how this extremely able young artist is progressing. 

With Ross Loveday work on the ground floor and Theo upstairs where a short time lapse film of how he works and paints will be shown. 

A good exhibition Is on it's way and a more detailed blog on both artists will follow in a day or two..

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