Blog posts of '2016' 'December'

A successful year.

The Gallery will be open until the 23rd December, when pictures have sold, they have been immediately replaced so the choice of work available is still considerable.

The New Year will be the start of the fourth year and in February the gallery will travel to The Oxford International Art Fair...this time not as a spectator to a Fair but as an exhibitor. Work is well underway with the preparation for this venture and it is hoped that 2017 will incorporate at least two other Art fairs....

2016 has been very successful and has attracted many new people to the previews including John Russell Taylor the former Arts Corespondent with the Sunday Times and Peter Lord the Art Historian , both seem very comfortable on their visits,  their conversation and stories on art and the history of it could not be more interesting.

As ever, sincere thanks to everyone who supported the Gallery and next year there will be no let up in the energy exerted in the continuing development of the space....

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