Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

Interesting shows continue..

When the four Artists arrived for their week they could scarcely believe that they had  been given such a wonderful space in which to paint.

With coffee and bottled water on hand plus a quality delicatessen nearby, the week was a great success, no rain allowed work outside and St David's became the favoured location.

A succesful Thursday evening where many people came to meet Jenny, Jo, Anthea and Sophie. was followed by a meal at a nearby restaurant on the Friday before saying au revoir on the Saturday. Everyone thought it was such a nice week that at some stage the four would return, we hope so.

The work of these four will be on display until May 28th. 

As the title of the blog suggested, a very different, interesting show will follow in June. The artist, James Mackeown, will have a number of paintings on show alongside some hand finished mirrors.

While James will show a range of work from portraiture and French landscape through to his beautiful paintings of children on the beach, very often in all weathers, the mirrors made by John Robel will range from contemporary White gold and polished wood through to a traditional  ornate Victorian style, one of which is over nine feet long by four feet wide. 

The dates etc for this show will be posted in the next few days.

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