Blog posts of '2016' 'June'


On Saturday June 11th, coffee and cakes plus a glass of wine no doubt will be offered to visitors who call to see a selection of new work by James Mackeown, these were delivered to the gallery last Tuesday and the landscapes among the figurative work represent his recent move from Normandy to Brittany. A very similar coast to Pembrokeshire albeit a few degrees warmer, especially the sea.

Complementing this work will be a selection of mirrors, all the frames being hand finished by Mr Robel and range from plain oaks through to an American paint finish called Pearlescent ..very different and  as previously mentioned well worth seeing.

As the premises is on a river quay, the deeds allow the mooring of a boat, but without one to hand it was thought a good idea to place an installation in the river in front of the gallery, it is called Without Leaf and is a tribute to the destruction of our rainforests.

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