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Paula Rego and Jill Cope

It takes a lot of courage to put these two names together but when Jill's work was delivered to the Gallery this weekend it took less than a moment to see that her drawing skill is second to none or perhaps more correctly second to just a few.

While Paula Rego has become a world figure in Art, Jill Cope has opted for a life of lecturing and low profile, her drawings are derived from the imagination and though working with good names  in British Art and winning most competitions she has entered all thoughts of notoriety have been avoided.

If Jill Cope had worked in the company of the likes of Paula Rego she would most certainly have commanded their respect.

If you wanted to see this wonderful exhibition, the private view is on Friday evening, the 15th July and runs through July and August.

PS....if you like Paula Rego, the Gallery has one of hers too...

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