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Manchester Art Fair. 27-29th Oct.

A big weekend for the Gallery, planned for several months and an opportunity to stand beside good, well established Galleries.

Definitely not overawed as the Artists being represented all have UK representation and are well regarded in the world of art.

If, on reading this you would like to visit the Art Fair or have friends who live near, please let them know and as ever their visit would be welcome.

There is a preview on Friday evening and open to everyone on Saturday and Sunday through the day.

Perhaps see you there.

Come and wish Theo well on Friday evening

In 1916 Sir Earnest Shacklton set sail from Elephant Island in a whaling boat some 20ft long on a 800 mile voyage across one of the roughest oceans in the world in an attempt to reach South Georgia and thus save his Antarctic  exploration party by informing the people working in the whaling stations on South Georgia where they were and thus being able to save his men.

101 years later Theo Crutchley Mack will visit South Georgia as an artist in residence and will no doubt be inspired by the relics of those same  whaling stations long since closed. 

This young man will no doubt acheive a high status in his life as an artist and perhaps now is a great time to get a Theo in your art collection.

The private viewing is on Friday evening between 6 and 8pm.

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