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Wonderful work to see, Friday Aug 4th

As long as you don't have preconceived ideas on art, this latest exhibition will open your eyes to very expressive Graffiti art. Barry John is an artist who has travelled widely and witnessed much. All these events are put onto one canvas after another, there are many of them ..The work is intense and fascinating, a must see, if you would like to have a glass of juice or wine when looking at this work there is a private view on Friday August 4th between 6 and 8pm..... as ever you are most welcome to see work that most galleries would be very wary of showing...never a problem at the Late November ...

Barry John MBE.

At the beginning of August part of the gallery will be showing graffiti art. The artist has been looking for an industrial space with block walls and concrete floor...the ideal space was found on the quay where years ago that same space was used for the manufacture of signs and housed three phase industrial machinery.

Today, the atmosphere still exists and while a large Basil Beattie and other printmakers such as John Hoyland presently grace the walls it will be a pleasure to see them make way for what will be another interesting and exciting development in this, the fourth year of never standing still.

More details to follow on evening preview etc.

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