Barry John MBE.

At the beginning of August part of the gallery will be showing graffiti art. The artist has been looking for an industrial space with block walls and concrete floor...the ideal space was found on the quay where years ago that same space was used for the manufacture of signs and housed three phase industrial machinery.

Today, the atmosphere still exists and while a large Basil Beattie and other printmakers such as John Hoyland presently grace the walls it will be a pleasure to see them make way for what will be another interesting and exciting development in this, the fourth year of never standing still.

More details to follow on evening preview etc.

Spring Fling on Friday evening is looking good

The Gallery is almost ready for the works on paper exhibition. All work has arrived and once again the standard is high, with names such as Ceri Richards and Neil Canning not forgetting John Piper having work on the walls it is nice to see emerging Artists sitting so nicely beside the established names. Philip Vaughans wonderful portrayal of a girl with cigarette is not overshadowed in the slightest by the afore mentioned names.

Besides this more contemporary feel is a collection of work by Geoff Yeomans, there are well over 30 small pictures from the early 90s and these will intrigue older people as they are very poignant to that time, an image of John Major springs to mind..

if, as mentioned before, you read this blog but have never come to a preview, you would feel very comfortable in the relaxed friendly atmosphere of a beautiful Gallery...which continues to evolve and elevate its status much so, that on walking around you may not even notice  that exquisite Craigie Aicheson print , Philip Sutton watercolour or even a Rose Hilton drawing hanging quietly but comfortably in the company.

We hope you will call and enjoy a glass of wine or juice between 6 and 8pm  on what is forecast to be a warm sunny evening.

Looking forward to May

The trip to Oxford was both successful and a learning curve for the Gallery, The success was, that apart from some good sales the Gallery stand was certainly one of the better ones amongst over 120 exhibitors. This gave great confidence when dealing and chatting to people.The learning curve was a feeling that an ArtFair is a better way to move upwards in consideration of standing amongst other Galleries than merely advertising and opening the door each day.

On May 26th the Gallery will hold a nice exhibiton of works on paper, many people are aware of Neil Canning who presently has a successful show at the Lemon Street Gallery in Truro, if you can't make it to Truro, a small selection of his work on paper will be amongst work by artists such as Ceri Richards and Marion McPhee to name just a few.

A more detailed blog on this show to follow.

The Oxford International Art Fair.

This Friday 24th Feb the Gallery will travel to Oxford to make its debut on the Art Fair circuit. It is a three day event from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, if you know anyone who lives in the area and would like to visit the Fair, a warm welcome would be assured at the Late November Gallery Stand.

There will be five Artists represented, Jill Cope, Theo Crutchley-Mack, Paula Farebrother, Anne Kerr and Philip Vaughan.  These artists have produced new work for the Fair, so as ever, the Gallery is putting its best foot forward and looking forward to exhibiting on a bigger stage.

Hopefully this venture will be the start of exhibiting elsewhere in the U.K. and possibly further afield.

A successful year.

The Gallery will be open until the 23rd December, when pictures have sold, they have been immediately replaced so the choice of work available is still considerable.

The New Year will be the start of the fourth year and in February the gallery will travel to The Oxford International Art Fair...this time not as a spectator to a Fair but as an exhibitor. Work is well underway with the preparation for this venture and it is hoped that 2017 will incorporate at least two other Art fairs....

2016 has been very successful and has attracted many new people to the previews including John Russell Taylor the former Arts Corespondent with the Sunday Times and Peter Lord the Art Historian , both seem very comfortable on their visits,  their conversation and stories on art and the history of it could not be more interesting.

As ever, sincere thanks to everyone who supported the Gallery and next year there will be no let up in the energy exerted in the continuing development of the space....

Christmas show preview

Its Friday evening at 6pm...why not call in and enjoy a pleasant couple of hours amongst some quality work...if you are a regular visitor, once again the exhibition will comprise very different work, new prints by the likes of John Walker, Marion Macphee,  Anthony Frost and Basil Beattie,  plus three new Artists, Paula Farebrother, Philip Vaughan and Tim Fudge will be  exhibiting in the company of John Piper, Rose Hilton and David Tress to name just a few..

On Saturday, the pictures were laid against the walls prior to being hung next week only for two to sell that afternoon, so if you have your eye on something please contact the gallery to reserve that item...

Friday November 4th

That evening will be the preview of the Christmas show....lots of new work on show plus two interesting Atists making a first appearance. 

Paula Farebrother and Phillip Vaughan are both figurative artists and their work will show that the Gallery is certainly not frightened to exhibit work a long way from safe landscapes and still life pictures.

More details on the evening to follow soon.

A wonderfully attended evening..

A wonderfully attended evening and these two photos are of Anne Kerr , the Gallery owner, chatting to John Russell Taylor, the art critic of the Sunday Times and the second is Peter Lord, the Art Historian and Speaker also in discussion with J.R.Taylor.

Interesting Monday Visitor

while preparing to hang the private sale and everything placed on the floor, a couple popped in, it was Andrew Davies, the trumpet player who hosts a Wednesday night show at Ronnie Scott's, who, with his girlfriend were staying in South Wales for a few days.. With an offer of being put on the guest list for his show, they showed great taste in art  and their calling in meant the week couldn't have got off to a better start .

Taking off .

The private sale that is taking place on Friday evening, Sept 16th is gathering momentum. 

Peter Lord, the author of many books concerning past and present art and its culture in Wales will give a talk, Peter is a wonderful orator, he has previously spoken at the Gallery on Piper, Brangwyn, Ceri Richards and Sutherland, only to return a few weeks later to record a BBC Cymru programme on the work of Frank Brangwyn...his evening talk this time will be very interesting because...the quality of both the  Artist and the work in this private sale is of a very high standard, while Sir Kyffin Williams and John Knapp Fisher are extremely sought after here in Wales, the work of William Gear and David Martin would be sought after across the UK and not just Scotland, the Gallery has these artists work and with Philip Sutton RA. and John Piper also on the walls very little needs to be said about the upward direction being taken. 

Other artists of note who will be on show include, Josef Herman, David Tress, Neil Canning, Jane Corsellis and Peter Coker to name just a few.

To see the continued progress of the Gallery and all the work on show, many good names not mentioned above but of note in the UK...perhaps a Rose  Hilton drawing being a good example.....why not come along between 6and 8pm on the 16th. You would be made most welcome.

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