Beautiful Gallery.. wonderful ideas.

As the months have become years things continue to get better, Jill Cope is having a very successful summer show and two new ceramicists have joined the gallery, they are Paul Wearing and Diane Horne, examples of their work can be seen on the Late November Gallery Facebook page. Apart from the above, the next show in September is now being organised..with work from the four countries of the United Kingdom, including the likes of William Gear, John Bratby and Peter Prendergast means the quality is high and this ambitious private sale maintains the impetus of the Gallery to show only work of a high standard.

Paula Rego and Jill Cope

It takes a lot of courage to put these two names together but when Jill's work was delivered to the Gallery this weekend it took less than a moment to see that her drawing skill is second to none or perhaps more correctly second to just a few.

While Paula Rego has become a world figure in Art, Jill Cope has opted for a life of lecturing and low profile, her drawings are derived from the imagination and though working with good names  in British Art and winning most competitions she has entered all thoughts of notoriety have been avoided.

If Jill Cope had worked in the company of the likes of Paula Rego she would most certainly have commanded their respect.

If you wanted to see this wonderful exhibition, the private view is on Friday evening, the 15th July and runs through July and August.

PS....if you like Paula Rego, the Gallery has one of hers too...


On Saturday June 11th, coffee and cakes plus a glass of wine no doubt will be offered to visitors who call to see a selection of new work by James Mackeown, these were delivered to the gallery last Tuesday and the landscapes among the figurative work represent his recent move from Normandy to Brittany. A very similar coast to Pembrokeshire albeit a few degrees warmer, especially the sea.

Complementing this work will be a selection of mirrors, all the frames being hand finished by Mr Robel and range from plain oaks through to an American paint finish called Pearlescent ..very different and  as previously mentioned well worth seeing.

As the premises is on a river quay, the deeds allow the mooring of a boat, but without one to hand it was thought a good idea to place an installation in the river in front of the gallery, it is called Without Leaf and is a tribute to the destruction of our rainforests.

Interesting shows continue..

When the four Artists arrived for their week they could scarcely believe that they had  been given such a wonderful space in which to paint.

With coffee and bottled water on hand plus a quality delicatessen nearby, the week was a great success, no rain allowed work outside and St David's became the favoured location.

A succesful Thursday evening where many people came to meet Jenny, Jo, Anthea and Sophie. was followed by a meal at a nearby restaurant on the Friday before saying au revoir on the Saturday. Everyone thought it was such a nice week that at some stage the four would return, we hope so.

The work of these four will be on display until May 28th. 

As the title of the blog suggested, a very different, interesting show will follow in June. The artist, James Mackeown, will have a number of paintings on show alongside some hand finished mirrors.

While James will show a range of work from portraiture and French landscape through to his beautiful paintings of children on the beach, very often in all weathers, the mirrors made by John Robel will range from contemporary White gold and polished wood through to a traditional  ornate Victorian style, one of which is over nine feet long by four feet wide. 

The dates etc for this show will be posted in the next few days.

Just four contemporary artists

Looking forward to welcoming Jo Ellis, Anthea Stilwell, Jenny Hill-Norton and Sophie Bartlett. 

These ladies are going to spend the  week of 17 th - 23rd April working both in the  workshop area upstairs behind the Gallery and sketching  at various locations around St Davids. 

At any time, people will be most welcome to call and chat to these artists, A nice informal evening  is planned for the Thursday between 6 and 8pm, with all four artists present before a busy Friday preparing and hanging a show that will open on the Saturday and runs until May 28th.

This is the first ever Artists in residence at the Gallery and a wonderful use of the upstairs and hopefully the first of many. Should these ladies or any visitor meeting them, care to look from the rear of the Gallery into our neighbours property they would most likely have  seen Augustus John, albeit over 100 years ago, also sketching, perhaps in the shade of a Pear tree in a garden that remained untouched until development in the 1960s 

Ceri Pritchard

If people passing the Gallery don't stop to look, they soon will. No month has ever gone by without changing the window and walls but in mid March the change will be considerable. 

Ceri Pritchards work is surreal and will surely stop people in their tracks, if in any doubt why not call and see both the work and meet Ceri on March 12th from noon until 3pm.. You can be assured a warm welcome and glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

We look forward to the first show of 2016 and will continue to strive throughout the  year creating interesting and different exhibitions. 

London Art fair and exhibition plans

Another good visit to the Art Fair, loads of inspiration and also good to be aware that while looking at Galleries exhibiting the likes of David Martin, John Bratby and William Gear, the Late November also has the work of these artists on the walls. a similar take on the prints, the likes of Neil Canning and Anita Klein were very evident at the fair, these two, plus others such as Basil Beattie and Anthony Frost are owned by the Gallery and add a considerable presence to a gallery wall, the ones presently on show would do more than add a presence to any hall or room in a home, well worth seeing before the winter show of work is replaced at the end of February..

The first exhibition planned for 2016 is one for Ceri Pritchard, this will take place in March with more details to follow. 

The year begins

2016 begins and the Gallery is open and although not busy ( but still sales in the first week) is planning for an interesting year.

At this stage, thoughts are given over to development and progress, this will involve a visit to the London Art Fair on Wednesday 20th Jan. visiting galleries on this level gives enormous inspiration to succeed in the ambition of showing quality work by U.K. Artists and not drifting into the safer waters of easy sales of collectable  prints and gifts. 

This is only year 3, a good and increasing client base who admire this resolve and events already planned for 2016 will show this direction continues, and from mid February, the  facility to exhibit one painting 40ft x8ft with space around for many other large paintings should the demand arise.

Winter Solstice

While the sun rests for just a couple of days, the gallery will too, though for just a little longer, re opening on the 6th January.

Thankyou for all the support given to The Late November Gallery during 2015 ....Wishing a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year to everyone..

A wonderful evening

Although it poured with rain, it only seemed to make people even more determined to support the Gallery. As ever, the presentation of wine and snacks was first class and if there is one thing that has been consistent ever since the opening show in 2014, it is, that no time, effort or expense is spared on the preparation for each occasion.

With only a few weeks left of 2015, the year can be looked back upon as very successful and with continued hard work, 2016 should see further progress in attracting a good calibre of Artist and good quality exhibitions at the Late November Gallery. 

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