April 12th, Opening Day
In 2013 When David Messum called to discuss an exhibition with David Tress he became the 2nd person in a fortnight to comment on the superb location of these premises, the other being John Russell Taylor the art critic of the Times. Well, one year later this very location has been turned into a first class gallery space with an opening day so elegantly managed and run that  no one who called could fault it.
 Morning coffee, afternoon tea and wine was served throughout before concluding not with a dinner party but where the day had begun some 12 hrs earlier, floors mopped and carpets hoovered,  not by a cleaning Agency but by the same person who had cleaned the windows at 7am and spent the day serving drinks and chatting with guests.
It may be early days but both Angela Flowers and Lynn Strover would have a lot of respect for this new gallery owner.
The Start of The Late November Gallery

On Saturday the 28th November 2013 I had an appointment to see an old Joinery and Sign making premises that was on the market in the centre of Haverfordwest, situated on an old trading Quay beside the river Cleddau.

The day was windy and wet, on meeting the owner I remarked on the abysmal weather and his reply was an unintentional start to my gallery life, "it is late November"......... The showroom was ideal and an option of developing a huge space upstairs for the future, "showing large work will not be a problem here" was the thought in my mind.

Monday morning was a visit to the bank and by the afternoon the decision on my future decided, and the hard work about to begin.

Apart from cleaning and painting during the day, my evenings were spent contacting Artists to show at The Late November Gallery, I have not been disapointed and when the gallery opens on the 12th April I will have an exhibition of a cross section of work by these Artists so that everyone can see both the range and quality of work that has been selected to be exhibited.

This is the start and each month should see an increase in artists and as the space becomes available more and more work will be on view, this blog will be updated monthly to keep you in touch with gallery news and happenings !!! 

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